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 Hello there, thank you for viewing/joining icebliss . There are simple rules on this community.
If you would want to know more about the maker, you're free to add me. ^^;;

1. Respect the members and makers.
2. Do not bash artists. Bashing is a no-no in this community, take your bashing to your own journal.
3. HOTLINKING IS A CRIME. I loathe people who hotlink. It doesn't take long if you upload to your own server. Do not kill uploaders' servers. Its a common courtesy.
4. Be patient when making requests. Requests are a sign that people love my works, so I am very grateful but please understand that requests cannot be made overnight. (unless I'm bored. XD)
5. ALWAYS CREDIT. Credit ilovessyou  or icebliss . Either is fine.


1. Why credit you? What's with crediting?

Crediting me means you're appreciating my works. When you're a graphics maker, and you see your graphics in other sites its kind of depressing because you made that and people don't recognize your skills. Crediting is to avoid stealing.

Don't know how to credit?

Graphical representation of how to credit:

Follow the example. When you have uploaded the icon, type what's in the space for comment and it's already credited(type in as it is shown in the picture, with the double quotes " " - don't remove them or the linking back won't work). The importance of crediting is that when people like those icons they see on others' journal, they are directed to the icon/graphics maker. Crediting is simple as that :)
2. What is HOTLINKING and why is it prohibited?

Hotlinking, inline linking, remote linking and many other terms are used to describe a way taking images, or other files and embedding it directly into a website. In other words, unauthorized use of someone else's bandwidth. Hotlinked files are files Not stored on your own server.

So to avoid hotlinking, you can always upload to free hosting sites such as , , . These sites host for free and they are very easy to use. It doesn't take long if you upload to your own server. Do not kill uploaders' servers. What do you mean kill? If one continues to hotlink all the images in this community, then all you can see is It's  "Photobucket Bandwidth Exceeded" icons floating all over. It's really not nice to see. It's not hard to save and upload to your own hosting site so practice not to hotlink. :)

3. Why is my layout/ header not working?

You changed the codes. Don't change them unless you know what you're doing! The best way to fix it is to ask me, comment in the post where I posted the layout/header. 

4 Can I join this community?

Of course! Joining is absolutely nice. I love to have members supporting the community.

5. Can I post my works in this community?

Unfortunately, this community is for my works only. However, I am willing to be an affiliate. Comment in this post using the code below and I will add you to the list immediately :)

6. Why are you locking your posts?

I'm locking my posts to prevent people from stealing my works. I know I'm not a pro-graphics maker but I have had experiences where people stole my works and posted them on other sites without  asking me permission and giving me proper credits. Its not that I'm selfish, but I want people to realize that stealing is a crime. I also want the number of people who are supporting this community to grow because you guys are the one who are going to help me in the way. I want to be able to monitor people who are appreciating my works and give them more graphics. Join now, I don't bite! XD
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