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11 July 2009 @ 02:41 am

This community is locked. Public posts will be member-locked after a week.
JOIN for more graphics here♥


berserk_reality by forbiddengate

cheerybox by perfectstart & potterkid

tasteofblame by rommipullo

the_candy_box by tinseltown16

cosmicbeats by x_fei, choco8ars, tiyani, sarahwentz3 & loveslipped

cutefail by almighty

yahnande by delicatinelity

sarangseurowo by taecyeon

elfgraphics by mihaa_elf

weeeek, medetai by randomsheets

luvotomy by hi_ya_ya

saranghaeng by me_chinny

sunxshower by jaegiya

This is NOT the thread to ask to affiliate with the community.
Comment here, Thank you.:)